A bright future for the “Casa Futuro Lab.” project!

Casa Futuro Lab. A. C. is a civil organization (Asociación Civil: NonProfit Organization) based in Tijuana, Mexico. Its mission is to enhance the living conditions of lower income factory workers through distribution of affordable housing.

Casa Futuro Lab. (CFL) provides its services to corporate customers as a package of two solutions: Along with the housing program, they develop the necessary community environment for residents to improve their living conditions through Do It Yourself (DIY) workshops held every weekend.

CFL brings into use two recycled materials for the new housing project: container and trailer houses. Remarkable innovation in the building materials has reduced the final cost to the minimum, which makes it affordable for lower income workers in Mexico.

CFL launched its service in 2015 with its first partner, KB Foam, Inc., a Styrofoam manufacturing company based in Tijuana. Due to the complexities of the working environment, corporate management often faces obstacles retaining employees. KB Foam Inc. was no exception.However, improving the social welfare of the company has largely increased its retention rate and work performance (from Jan. 2015 to May 2016, turnover ratio decreased from 10% to 3%, scrap ratio from 2.8% to 0.7%).

Keita Kasahara, the CEO of KB Foam Inc., notes that since the introduction of a “free meal,” program, the company’s turnover rate dropped substantially. Furthermore, he notes, it has exerted a positive influence on the overall attitude and performance of employees. This change, Mr. Kasahara believes, occurred through the stabilization of their employees’ living condition.

As a result, Mr. Kasahara took steps to make work life even more attractive for workers at his company by introducing CFL’s services. Now at the launch phase of the program, KB Foam, Inc. in collaboration with CFL, is aiming to create a job contract, which includes a special offer of housing after spending a certain period of time working for the company. Creating affordable housing is a great incentive for lower income workers of Mexico. Mr. Kasahara believes that this would further promote the positive mood in the company, and would be beneficial for the society as a whole.

Mr. Kasahara, also being a founding member of CFL, wants to extend the program on a broader scale to other foreign companies based in Mexico. “As a factory manager, I only want to improve the lives of my employees,” says Mr. Kasahara. “But it would be even nicer if many other companies accept our system in Mexico. I’ve always thought of creating a “positive market economy.” And this is the first step towards doing that.”

CFL now looks to achieve great success in the coming summer’s Workshop, “Cross Border Xpress Workshop”, aimed at developing cheaper and more functional trailer/container houses. The workshop will be carried out by three lab leaders, invited from Japan: Kumiko Horikawa, Kazuma Yamao, and Shohei Nakamura.The workshop will be a combination of R&D for trailer houses and an opportunity for these professionals to try out their social business strategies in Mexico.

Guests are welcome in the open lab on July 30th and August 6th.

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