UKIYO movie teather got new equipment at Universidad Panamericana in Aguascalientes


メキシコ パンアメリカン大学のルイス先生から活動レポートが届きました。
















June 2019, the Future House Lab UKIYO project in development at Universidad Panamericana in Aguascalientes had a major intervention on behalf of the Energy Team lead by Dr. Pia Berger from the Engineering Faculty.

On January the team gathered all together with project leader Luis Arturo Méndez Alba representing Future House Lab Japan in order to get acquainted with the project and decide what the Energy Team could offer as collaboration development for the project. At the end of the session, it was clear that the team could improve two topics: thermal control and energy supply.

From January to

 The group decided to create three teams: Energy supply, thermal heating and thermal cooling.

 From february to may 2019, the three teams developed the concepts for new equipment to improve the UKIYO movie teather in order to make it more useful during hot and cold season and also to provide a pasive energy supply to make it independent from the energy inside the university.

The three resulting projects were all pasive with no need of extra energy.


The energy for the funcioning in normal conditions of the UKIYO movie teather will be supplied by a photovoltaic solar cell calculated to provide all the needed energy for operation during an ordinary working day, even for the presentation of a movie session, people working with computer and even with the use of a microwave oven.


 Winter is especially cold in Aguascalientes and it is difficult to have a warm environment inside a trailer dry van during the day beginnig activities at 9 a.m. For that pourpose, a cooper coil inside the UKIYO connected to a an oil solar warmer was supplied. THERMAL COOLING
On the contrary, summer is especially hot during the hours of daylight in Aguascalientes and a means to reduce temperature is needed for thar pourpose. Difficult to think in a passive system with almost cero cost for that mather. Anyway, the team was very creative to propose a roof and wall gardening system with drop watering at the top at the trailer dry van.

The first plants were planted for the final presentation and it is espected they will grow enough during the rest of the year to feel an effect and the reduction of themperature inside the trailer dry van during summer.

As a side effect, it is also expected that this system will stabilize temperatur inside even during the cold season from december to march each year.

On May 39th, 2019, the three teams offered a presentation of the projects to academics of the Engineering Faculty of Universidad Panamericana and answered questions about the three systems.


The technology expert judging the results were:

Martha Arizmendiz, Crisdalith Cachut and Luis Alfonso Guerrero and Josué Ortíz Medina. The team had the support and technical advice of Enrique Jiménez, who was also a judge of the final presentation