UKIYO 2018 Activity Report





Once the Ukiyo workshop in September has finished, the team in México noticed that some detailing was needed. During these past months, the team installed a lock for the tráiler dry van, installed a hanging system for curtains and had to climb to the roof to fix some leakage needed for the rainy season.





After completion of the Ukiyo place in September 2018, the place was offered to different areas of Universidad Panamericana and the foreign students department asked to use it for some activities like movies for motivation for sports people. On October 5th they showed their first movie “Indomable” to members of the UP soccer team.






On November 2018, the Innovation and Design Academy of Universidad Panamericana decided that Ukiyo could be a great place to make the Dripping activity. This activity is not allowed in regular classrooms or even in workshops because it is very dirty by dropping some painting in a very free way. The Ukiyo was the perfect venue for this workshop and will continue in the future.






December 2018 was a short academic month due to Christmas holidays. Anyway, Ukiyo was taken as the venue for the Apachócalo Project, an activity that needs the generation of very propositive ideas that require certain kind of freedom of verbal expression and the session sometimes turns to be very loud. The Ukiyo was found to be a very good venue for these activities because students feel free to express themselves in a free environment.








January 2019 was a planning month for Ukiyo. The place was the venue of a planning meeting with people from the Energy Department headed by Dra. Pías Berger. During this semester the Energy Team will conduct projects taking Ukiyo has their main task in order to apply technology for temperature regulation and other propositions that will be discussed on February.





During the session Mtro. Mauricio Ramírez, biologist and humanist, took the opportunity to comment to students about the next activity at Ukiyo: Honor in Japan.

He explained a little bit about the contents of the talking and invited all of them to participate.






Besides from fixed or formal events like the ones we have already commented, during these 5 months Ukiyo has been in service, some groups of students have employed the place to develop projects, have meeting or just to stay there and discuss topics.